it’s a process, and a truck.

17 Oct

We hit the streets this past week to roll to the film shoot at Pleasure Point.  It was a great day out there, being in the midst of the strong sense of community–tons of longtime east-siders out and about–remembering Jay, getting on film as part of the memorial paddle out scene.  Met a bunch of the Iron Cross Production folks who were great, and seemed to enjoy a break from the usual kraft services fare.   Folks on 38th were so nice about letting us post up for several hours in front of their houses.  It was amazing to see so many longboards in one place.  It was also not so bad when Gerard Butler walked by with his wetsuit peeled down to below his waist…

Thanks Santa Cruz peeps for your support.  Look for us at the Cold Water Classic. We’ll be there.

And there’s my hook…

Sorry to folks who came by 1500 Mission and found us not there.   Biz is a bit slow during the week at the home location (not to mention that when the rains settle in i am guessing it will slow down even more) , so I need to go out sometimes to where the people are.  We are getting catering and event requests, and we LOVE A PARTY.  So, the home location schedule is tentative.  I am hoping people will get into the food truck mentality of checking FB, twitter and the website to see where I am.  I don’t want people to get frustrated and stop coming.  I am going to make every effort to keep saturday and sunday morning hours consistent at 1500 Mission, and I am adding some friday and saturday dinner hours, last saturday being the first.    I promise to be good about keeping the schedule posted.  The twitter feed to the right is a great way to keep current.

Thanks for reading and bearing with me.  Trying to find a way to build this business when there is only one of me to do almost everything…

I am doing it because I love to make people happy with good food.

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