Draftsperson Needed!

1 Mar

Hi Friends-

As you may know, I am in the process of getting a use permit for my spot at 1500 Mission.   If I get the permit (it’s looking good!) it will pave the way for more food businesses to utilize this model–Pretty soon we could have lots of amazing new affordable food options as the lower start up costs (as compared to a bricks and mortar spot)  will create an incubator effect. Small business!!  Jobs! Yummy Food! Yey!  I already know of people who are waiting to see how it goes with me to get going on their projects.  There is even talk of a location where a group of mobile/portable businesses could gather.  Yes!  It keeps the trucks from roaming the streets, burning fuel, and dodging the restrictive mobile vending rules (ie: maximum 15 minutes in one spot).  It’s working in so many places around the country, and it would be great for Santa Cruz.  At a time when the city needs every dollar it can get, it would open up a significant new tax base and the personal income generation of business owners/employees would fuel our local economy.  I am hoping to join the organizers of this outdoor “food court” to encourage the inclusion of sustainable practices and sourcing as a requirement for participating vendors.

I am reaching out to you all, hoping to find a contact for a local draftsperson who is able to do some building elevation drawings for my application.  It is not a large project, nor do I have a large budget.  I do have some money, and great food/catering services to trade.  Time is of the essence here…

Please let me know if you think of someone (just hit reply to this email). I really appreciate your reading this.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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