About TS

Welcome to The Truck Stop!


We are all about getting some great, fresh, local, organic and AFFORDABLE food into your belly. We use what is abundant and close by.  We  try hard to make it delicious, charge a fair price, and create as little waste as possible. We aren’t on a bandwagon or soapbox or part of a movement. We just do what we love in the way it makes sense to us .  We want it to be so good that you crave more and always feel like it’s a good value.

Not cheap food with cheap ingredients, but good quality at a nice price. We are willing to make less money and work harder on sourcing  to keep it that way. That’s just us.  With longtime, deep ties to the organic farming community in santa cruz we have special and generous farmer friends who help us out. It means extra time, driving directly to farms and what not, but we loves it.



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