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Welcome to The Truck Stop!


We are all about getting some great, fresh, local, organic and AFFORDABLE food into your belly. We use what we grow ourselves at our own Branch Out Farm, what is abundant, close by.  We  make it delicious and charge a fair price, and create as little waste as possible. We aren’t on a bandwagon or soapbox or part of a movement. We just do what we love in the way it makes sense to us .  We want it to be so good that you crave more and always feel like it’s a good value.

Not cheap food with cheap ingredients, but good quality at a nice price. We are willing to make less money and work harder on sourcing  to keep it that way. That’s just us.  With longtime, deep ties to the organic farming community in santa cruz we have insider privileges,  and we are workin’ them for you, and our farmer friends. It means extra time, driving directly to farms and what not, but we love it.

What kind of food is it?  That should be an easy question.  It’s a little hard for us to stay focused, because we love alot of things.  Hopefully it all makes some sort of sense.

BREAKFAST:  We always do some breakfast tacos (eggs, chorizo, potatoes, smoky ancho sauce) and one that changes seasonally (ie: pulled pork, roasted squash, eggs and greens) .  We use yellow corn tortillas with no preservatives.    We LOOOVE Arepas, so we do those, with ham and eggs.  (An arepa is  made from cornmeal–a little grilled cake that is split open and filled.  It tastes like grits/polenta and is mysteriously satisfyting).  We love us some braised greens with a fried egg on top, so we do that most days.  And some sort of sesame brown rice plate, yes, with an egg.  We crank up the fryer and donuts with what fruit and berries are in season, and spanish churros.  We have a thing for kimchi, and there is nothing wrong with a kim-dilla for breakfast. (a kimchi quesadilla–add and egg or some pulled pork if ya wanna).  And there’s the truck-made brown rice horchata.

LUNCH:  We keep the breakfast tacos happening (it’s santa cruz), and we take a turn towards the asian thing.    Ssam, tacos, onigiri, kimchi dogs, brown rice plate. There is a lot of cabbage involved, which we are addicted to in all forms, and much ginger and fresh pickles (daikon, apples, whatev).  I am pretty sure we make the best Banh mi I have ever had, even if they are sometimes on a bolillo roll, I promise you won’t mind.  Usually there’s a soup.  And sometimes the brined/steamed/fried chicken.  o. my. g-d.  Chap chae has been know to make an appearance, but I usually eat too much of it, with too much Sriracha (if that is even a thing that is possible).

Sometimes we open at night, but it is hard with the morning schedule.  Friday fish taco night is fun.  Trying to figure out how to do more of those, as they are fundraisers.  The odd theme night pops-up now and then.  Latkes for chanukah, spring rolls for chinese new year; holiday are an excuse to cook.

Oh, and when I say “we” mostly I mean me…I shop/prep/cook/ repair the truck/ etc. etc.  My name is Fran and am a workaholic.  My main man CC will take care of you when you step up to the window.  I thank my lucky stars to have crossed paths with him while we were both at “Food, What?!”  the best youth empowerment program this side of anywhere…check it out.

By the way, we are currently we are nearing zero waste.   All service-ware and utensils are composted through a pilot program of the Santa Cruz Farmers market with Buena Vista Landfill.  We use reusable field crates for produce.  The occassional plastic bag is about all of our garbage. We are designing a solar charging system for out auxiliary batteries, and next spring might just have our own little field to grow some truck produce.  Fingers crossed.

Oh yeah, it’s a truck, so we can come cater your party or event.  small or big.  holler.

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