If you would like to have the Truck Stop cater your event (private party, festival, corporate event, holiday party, workshop, beach party, shindig in an unusual place, block party, late night wedding snack, winery event, bar mitzvah, brunch party, sports event,  um, you name it–any meal, anytime,)  give us a shout.  We will roll up to your location and serve your guests directly from the truck window.  It’s a fun food truck experience!  We will deck out the truck (or you can!) especially for your event.  Candles, twinkly lights, photos…

We can do all sorts of food; all will be real food made from scratch with high quality ingredients and mostly local and organic.  It can be super simple fare, or something rather fancy.   In order to keep the price down and for logistical reasons, we offer only a very focused menu at each event. One to two delicious items is all you need.   Lots of gluten-free and vegetarian options are available.  We are always happy to consider new menu items if you have something in mind.  There is a $700 minimum for all events, plus tax and 18% service charge.

Examples of our street food inspired options:

  • Fish Tacos (the best you ever had!!!)
  • Korean-inspired tacos
  • Pulled pork sandwiches.
  • grass fed burgers  and ‘fancy’ hot dogs
  • Banh-Mi
  • Saam
  • Lamb skewers served with pita bread and toppings,
  • Arepas (delicious freshly grilled cornmeal pockets) with various filling options
  • Breakfast tacos with seasonal toppings (anytime of day or night)
  • Pie Truck!!  Homemade fruit pies with ice cream.
  • Indian Curries and fresh grilled naan.
  • Soup and salad
  • Cioppino Truck!!  For the holiday/crab season only.  It’s the best you will ever have.  Grandpa’s recipe

Please  email your catering request including date, location and number of people  to

Here’s what recent clients have to say: 

“We had such an amazing wedding day, thanks for being a part of it!  The taco truck was definitely the hit of the party, everyone loved it!  I am not exaggerating.  The food was amazing and we really appreciated the taco-noodle combo.  It was perfect.  And our veggie friends were impressed with the vegetarian options (and they are a tough crowd to please.)  We will definitely recommend you to anyone who asks us for food truck recommendations.  You rocked!”

“Just wanted to let you know that you were a hit…everybody’s tummy was very happy when they left. Always a sign of a good party!”

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