3 Aug

IMG_2071IMG_1846 IMG_2008IMG_1952our farm…to the truck!

A quick update…

20 Mar

It’s been a while!  Seems like facebook and twitter work better for us to get the word out, but I realize that not everyone wants to be in social media land…So, here ya go!

These days our only permanent location is the Santa Cruz Farmers Market at Live Oak on Sundays from 9-1.  We love serving up farm fresh brunchy stuff, and am really please with the response to some of our more unique items, like the Kimchi Thang.  The sour cream donuts fly outta the truck.  Looks like more Farmer’s Market locations are on the near horizon for us.   We have been doing lots of catering and events, and have several weddings (and rehearsal dinners) and parties scheduled for spring and summer.   We love being a part of a celebration…people get so excited to have us there and it feels great.  We have done some corporate lunches recently, and it’s fun to give people a break from their usual lunch time routine.

I have moved out of my role as Chef du Cuisine at Ristoranti Avanti.  The new places are up and running smoothly so it’s time to give my full focus to the truck biz.  It was lovely being there with my surrogate restaurant family again (before I started The Truck Stop I had been there for nine years) and I  miss being there on a regular basis, with the best, hardest working, sweetest kitchen crew ever and surrounded by people with a deep soulful passion for the place we live and the food that is produced and grows wild here.

The big news is our NEW FARM.  We have partnered up to lease two and a half acres in the beautiful Cherryvale area of Soquel.  The farm thing has always been part of my vision for the truck business, and allows me to bring together my farming and gardening experience with my food business and create my personal best case scenario: Cooking food that I have been a part of growing, knowing it from seed to harvest– this feeds my soul and gives me the ultimate inspiration to feed all of you.  It is not SO different from what I have been doing up until now…getting the most amazing fresh produce from good friends whose farms I know and spend time on (and of course will continue to because we can’t and don’t want to grow everything, and I still want to drink beer with them.).  Because we are breaking ground on land that has not been in vegetable production before, we will be mainly cover cropping this year–as a way of reducing the weed bank in successive years and also to feed the soil–but we will definitely have some goodies soon.  There are fruit trees on the land, so yes, DONUTS! JAM!

We have some other irons in the fire for new locations, but are taking time to find exactly the right ones…

All in all things are great.  More soon about the farm, my incredible farming partner Juan,  the amazing mentors and organizations that are offering us every kind of support we could possibly need to be successful with this farming venture.  We are feeling quite lucky indeed.  We have worked very hard to get here…Now we get to work even harder!  Truly a labor of love.

Thanks for checking in!


30 Oct

This Friday is First Friday.  So MANY great things to see and do!  Put this on your list!!!!!

The Cruzio folks have generously offered your local food trucks their parking lot during this event.  Come down to 877 Cedar and grab a bite from us, Lownslow, and Cruzin Gourmet. 

We will be bringin’ the fish tacos, and other special treats.

fish taco friday at the beach…

19 May

We had fun giving away stuff to all the bikey bikertons.  Another sell out on the fish tacos.  People love sitting on the cliffs and having dinner.  good times.

16 May

Proud to be part of this upcoming celebration of a great project:

and check this out!

Tasting Table Spring Eataways


Draftsperson Needed!

1 Mar

Hi Friends-

As you may know, I am in the process of getting a use permit for my spot at 1500 Mission.   If I get the permit (it’s looking good!) it will pave the way for more food businesses to utilize this model–Pretty soon we could have lots of amazing new affordable food options as the lower start up costs (as compared to a bricks and mortar spot)  will create an incubator effect. Small business!!  Jobs! Yummy Food! Yey!  I already know of people who are waiting to see how it goes with me to get going on their projects.  There is even talk of a location where a group of mobile/portable businesses could gather.  Yes!  It keeps the trucks from roaming the streets, burning fuel, and dodging the restrictive mobile vending rules (ie: maximum 15 minutes in one spot).  It’s working in so many places around the country, and it would be great for Santa Cruz.  At a time when the city needs every dollar it can get, it would open up a significant new tax base and the personal income generation of business owners/employees would fuel our local economy.  I am hoping to join the organizers of this outdoor “food court” to encourage the inclusion of sustainable practices and sourcing as a requirement for participating vendors.

I am reaching out to you all, hoping to find a contact for a local draftsperson who is able to do some building elevation drawings for my application.  It is not a large project, nor do I have a large budget.  I do have some money, and great food/catering services to trade.  Time is of the essence here…

Please let me know if you think of someone (just hit reply to this email). I really appreciate your reading this.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Truck Schedule

14 Feb

Here is our schedule.  It is subject to change.  You can check the twitter update in the sidebar for the very latest info, or give us a call at 831-621-7361.  Note that we are taking a bit of a hiatus…We will be at Live Oak Farmers market on sunday the 19th.  Thanks for bearing with us while we make some changes.


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