Draftsperson Needed!

1 Mar

Hi Friends-

As you may know, I am in the process of getting a use permit for my spot at 1500 Mission.   If I get the permit (it’s looking good!) it will pave the way for more food businesses to utilize this model–Pretty soon we could have lots of amazing new affordable food options as the lower start up costs (as compared to a bricks and mortar spot)  will create an incubator effect. Small business!!  Jobs! Yummy Food! Yey!  I already know of people who are waiting to see how it goes with me to get going on their projects.  There is even talk of a location where a group of mobile/portable businesses could gather.  Yes!  It keeps the trucks from roaming the streets, burning fuel, and dodging the restrictive mobile vending rules (ie: maximum 15 minutes in one spot).  It’s working in so many places around the country, and it would be great for Santa Cruz.  At a time when the city needs every dollar it can get, it would open up a significant new tax base and the personal income generation of business owners/employees would fuel our local economy.  I am hoping to join the organizers of this outdoor “food court” to encourage the inclusion of sustainable practices and sourcing as a requirement for participating vendors.

I am reaching out to you all, hoping to find a contact for a local draftsperson who is able to do some building elevation drawings for my application.  It is not a large project, nor do I have a large budget.  I do have some money, and great food/catering services to trade.  Time is of the essence here…

Please let me know if you think of someone (just hit reply to this email). I really appreciate your reading this.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Truck Schedule

14 Feb

Here is our schedule.  It is subject to change.  You can check the twitter update in the sidebar for the very latest info, or give us a call at 831-621-7361.  Note that we are taking a bit of a hiatus…We will be at Live Oak Farmers market on sunday the 19th.  Thanks for bearing with us while we make some changes.

wow, and thanks.

23 Jan

I continue to be touched and amazed by the outpouring of appreciation of my food, the offers of support, and the thankfulness for how we have revitalized this funky corner of Mission and Trescony.  I am so grateful to all of  you for wanting us to be successful and stay here.  Thank you for rooting for us.

Looks like we have more or less gotten the permit situation under control.  It was just really complicated, but it seems to be sorted.  Keep an eye out for our Kickstarter campaign, which is how we will raise the funds to pay the into the city traffic fund, something all new businesses must do.   And so it goes…

Here’s what’s up…

15 Jan

Thanks all for inquiring about the use permit situation.

It’s one day at a time…Running the biz, cooking as well having to navigate the use permit stuff is a challenge indeed. I think we are making some headway…

It is worth the energy  because hopefully it will sort of pave the way for more food trucks in Santa Cruz.  It is an accessible business model (based on the small scale) and in these times that is just the thing…The potentially lower start-up costs (it is not necessarily the case if you want a brand spankin’ new truck), somewhat lower overhead (depends…).  It would be a great way to increase the tax base for the city and county, and just think of the possibilities for affordable food options for our community…bring on the ethnic food!!!!  (If you have wondered why there are not more trucks here, it’s because the ordinance is very restrictive, and this permit could begin to change that).  This is all especially worth it to me if I can keep working with the ‘Food, What’ kids.  I want this business to grow so I can provide more jobs, and use it as a way to fundraise for local social good/environmental groups.  At the heart of it, it’s all about finding a way to give…

And in the meantime, still keeping my eye out for a bricks and mortar spot .

Come on Down (and bring your dreidel, yo)!!

7 Dec


Dine out for “Food, What?!”

15 Nov

We only open the truck one night a week…Fridays.  Starting this coming Friday, it will always be a fundraiser.  Even though the business is new and times are tough, this seems like a win win to me.  The natural place for me to start is with “Food, What?!” , an organization to which I have strong ties.    FW is a program under the umbrella of Life Lab Science Program (located at the UCSC Farm and Garden) where I have been the site gardener/maintenance person for going on four years.  I have had the honor to work with the FW kids and staff over this time.  Let me tell you that witnessing the transformation in these young lives as a result of participating in the program makes my heart swell to near bursting.  The admiration that I have for Doron Comechero and Abby Bell, the program directors, cannot not easily be expressed.  These are two of the hardest working and dedicated people one could ever hope to cross paths with, and believe me, they are making a difference in these kids lives and hence the greater good.  I also have the good fortune to have the support of some of the FW grads in my business.  It is amazing to see them put what they have learned into action in another context.  This is how I know about the true effectiveness of the program.  Every one of the kids I have worked with has been everything I could hope for.  They bring the FW mindset of team support, leadership, cooperation, flexibility, willingness, focus, curiosity, desire for efficiency, follow-through, communication, kindness, and safety.  They also bring with them a firm grip on nutrition and kitchen skills.  I have managed or employed lots of people at different times in my life.  These youth outshine most of them in terms of teamwork and willingness. I kid you not.  So, If you want and easy way to give a little to really change the life of a kid who needs some help, come eat some yummy fish tacos on Friday from 5:30-9:00.  Hope to see you there.

Once Again, It’s a truck…

7 Nov

I know it is hard to want our food and find us not on Mission Street.  The thing is that the truck is not permanently located there.  Our hours are somewhat fluid.  You may find us not there during our posted hours, and you might find us there at other times.  We try to keep it as regular as possible, but events and catering (read:guaranteed dollars) must be prioritized for now.  If you are on FB or twitter, check status there (you can like/follow us by pushing the buttons on this page) or call 831-621-7361 for updates.  Keep an eye out for out friday or saturday night dinners on Mission St., which a becoming semi-regular-ish.  Thanks for your patience peeps!!!


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